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Family-Friendly Dentistry at The Dental House

We are here to look after the oral health of your whole family, regardless of age. Bring the whole family along for an Oral Health Assessment. Regular visits will enable any issues to be treated promptly before they develop into more serious problems or, hopefully, prevent dental problems altogether! Contact us to register and arrange an appointment.

Children’s Dentistry

The Dental House is proud to be a child-friendly practice. NHS Dental care for babies and children is free and they are entitled to have their first appointment as soon as those ‘Milk Teeth’ appear. It’s true that your baby might not co-operate very well (or at all!), but it’s really important to get them used to visiting the dentist from an early age.

We all know how stubborn and ‘challenging’ toddlers can be…so it’s good idea to get you child familiar with the dentist even before they reach this point in development. Your baby’s first visit will be a success if they open their mouth and let their dentist take a look! We wouldn’t expect them to sit still for any real length of time. The point is, they get used to the environment and any potential anxieties can, hopefully, be eliminated early-on.

Many adults admit to having some worries when attending dental appointments and, sometimes, parents can pass such fears on to their children. So why not try to approach the issue in a totally different light and say, “Great news! We are going to visit the dentist and it will be lots of fun!”

Children often love coming to see us here at The Dental House. They enjoy sitting in the ‘special’ moving chair, become fascinated with the equipment and delight the in the praise, stickers and balloons that we provide at their appointments.

Coming soon, for children old enough at the time of registration, we will offer a ‘My Dental House’ starter pack. This folder will contain child-friendly information about the practice, tips on how children can take care of their teeth as well as fun stuff like colouring pages and a ‘Log Book’ that they will receive a stamp in each time they visit.

The NHS provides excellent advice on how to take care of your children’s teeth:

This is a great point of reference and, of course, our dentists are here to offer help and advice each time you visit.

Adult’s Dentistry

We are committed to taking care of our patients’ teeth through a philosophy of prevention. The Dental House will help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy and will offer treatment and advice that should stop serious issues developing.

We offer a range of cosmetic treatments for those of you who are not happy with the appearance of your smile. These services include braces, replacing missing teeth and whitening treatments. We want you to feel confident about your teeth so please tell us about any issues that you have.

During routine Oral Health Assessments we will carry out a full examination of your teeth, mouth and gums. We will ask if you have had any problems since you last visited the dentist and explain carefully any treatments we feel that you may need. We are also here to offer advice about how to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and how smoking, drinking alcohol and poor diet can negatively affect your oral health. We will also discuss when your next visit should be.

New patients can register via our website and can collect a practice information leaflet at their first visit.

Nervous Patients

We understand that some people feel that they do not like visiting the dentist. Whether this is due to bad experiences in the past, a fear of needles or a genuine phobia of dental treatment, we are here to help.

We are passionate about our patients experience being as pleasant and pain-free as possible. Biased as it may sound, we believe that our staff are lovely, and plenty of our patients agree. The warm and friendly atmosphere that we offer is the first step to a stress-free visit. We will explain your treatment with as much detail as will help you feel at ease so that you may feel prepared.

We would like to offer significantly nervous, new patients (adults and children) an opportunity to visit us in advance of their treatment, meet our staff and take a tour around our practice. We believe that this will help you to feel more at ease.

The Dental House is highly from our very honest patients on Facebook, some who have admitted to being nervous before their first visit! We also have a 5-Star rating on our ‘NHS Choices’ page which contains more unbiased reviews.

For some great advice getting over your fears…

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